1477937_10100562553749998_2705391990928667705_n            As a 28 year old traveler, I have found many moments where writing was a saving grace.  Although encouraged to begin blogging, I never quite found the right moment. Pictures and posts on Facebook highlighting the adventures had and roads traveled was about the extent of my story-telling. After five years, ten countries, and hundreds of synchronicities later I am so grateful that it is time to finally put the “pen to paper” so to speak. To begin reliving life and the lessons learned through each post, while getting to share the experiences that are occurring at this present moment. It is not all pretty, but isn’t that life- a beautifully, magical mess!

Enjoy the stories and lessons learned that have danced their way onto this blog either through my lens or the creative song that is fingers on a keyboard!



Graduating as an Education Major opened up the doors to dedicating my time and love to the “little ones.” Starting in Taiwan, I found a love of helping students “grow their brains”. In Vietnam, the Bucketfillers focused on compassion and love for self and others. Back in Taiwan the Whoo-ville classroom did all learning through art, dance, and creativity. Now, I am in Costa Rica with my  Greenhouse Gang where we find joy in learning through combining practices from all the past years and mix them into one beautiful creation of mindfulness, meditation, and learning through support for each other and for self.  As a teacher I have found so much growth in myself and my practices these last few years. I look forward to sharing some of the magical stories and “kids say the darndest things” quotes with you!


Many days I see the world in pictures. On a very good day I happen to have my camera present. Throughout this blog I will be sharing some different moments captured through my “3rd eye” with you. Many are unedited and raw.

The greatest moments are when the energy coming from the subject is so vibrant that there is no thinking involved. My finger has a mind of it’s own and at those magical moments an emotion, a story, a perfect instant in time are captured and forever kept.

Photography is my release, my art form.


There is the Then and the Now. While blogging I will be writing all the adventures and stories that have happened the last 5 years. Those will be categorized as “Then” and “Now” will cover all the insights, memorable moments, or just crazy stories happening right now in Costa Rica! Hope you enjoy!! ❤ !