writing to release

Now: Writer’s Block


Writer’s block : an accurately interesting concept. A moment in time where my mind and spirit have vast amounts of information and stories to share~yet unable to drift from “inside”  out~into the rest of the world, through the motion of fingers dancing on a keyboard. A moment of disconnect between the stories that were and the occasion that is.

A mindset that although is a relative concept and impermanent, feels so authentic. Thoughts that race with voices repeating ” How do I express all that is growing and shifting? How do I properly verbalize the emotions that validate recent events? To give authenticity to the life changes and nights staring at the sky where clarity reveals its face.”

As the “writer’s block” appears to continue these thoughts, stories and moments ravel into a tangled ball looking to be sorted and released. The medicine of meditation will help with this liberation of entanglement that is patiently waiting it’s freedom. Until then there is acceptance in what is: a quiet voice on the outside, striving to protect the loud voices within.